Willie Rooks – SGuard

WILLIE ROOKS – 1-2 Position


#10 black team highlights 18-19 season

highlights 17/18 season

#10 black team vs Texas A&M kingsville 02/01/2019

#10 black team vs Eastern New Mexico University 04/13/2019

#10 blue team vs Arkansas Fort Smith 04/11/2018

Player Info


Height: 6’3

Weight: 175


Birthdate: January 16, 1995

Hometown: Houston (Texas)

Last Team: Texas A&M Commerce

Previous Professional Experience: NO

Available: YES

Nationality: US


Scouting Report:

Willie played a good role in his four years serving Texas A&M Commerce. Chosen in the Lone star conference all first team in 2018/2019, in addition to being part of the ideal quintet chosen by the coaches of the South Central Conference in 2019.
He is a light guard, who can develop point-guard functions, since he has good ball handling and good game vision. Due of the university team’s offensive rules without indirect screens and a few pnr, basically his game centered in 1 to 1, shoting with huge range from five or six meters after shot fake and dribble with a quick first step to the left  or executing the step back to separate from his defender in central area. This is movement that characterizes him.
On this way he averaged 14.97 points in his last season as a senior. Further optimization of team with more develop offense structure or using pnr as early play, would considerably increase his basketball performance. Also he has an important wish for the defensive rebound where he anticipates to the rivals the space of fall of the rebound as evidenced by his good numbers in this especialty 6.12 rebounds his last year.