Trent Weaver-PF

TRENT WEAVER- 4-4,5 position


#33 white or blue team  Highlights 16/17 Germany ProB

#13 white team Highlights 17/18 AB Contern Luxemburgo

#8 white team 12/20/2019


#8 white team 12/07/2019


#8 blue team vs Heffingen basketball  12/14/2019


#8 blue team vs Racing Luxembourg   01/04/2020


#8 blue team vs Musel Pikes                01/18/2020


#8 blue team vs Telestar                       02/13/2020


Player Info


Height: 6,8

Weight: 225


Birthdate: Aug, 2 1994

Hometown: Columbus ( Ohio)

Last Team: AB Contern ( Total league)

Previous Professional Experience: YES

Available: YES

Nationality: US


Scouting Report:

Trent is a versatil power foward.  The pure modern post 4 of good size and good atleticism.
Over the years, he is foward a better shooting gesture. He is not a 3three pointer shooter but beyond the arc especially in frontal spots when he play pop has good averages.
His size and his untied physique also allow him to go to scrap under, attacking face or back to the circle and also playing back around the baseline.
Beaten and well proportioned, it does not disintegrate at first contact.
Strong on his support below, with great technique and a basketball IQ well above average, he is able to take his opponents in fakes moves or speed. He can also go to dunk, an action he likes in particular starting from any 3-point spot, from where he constantly carries the danger with shot fake.
Endowed with good hands, rough if necessary, unlike other 4 power fowards whom refusing internal combat, it does not take off if it is necessary to take or give fouls. He can anticipate first pass line especially when oponent play horns or presinng the first line on frontal spots.
Good on pick n’roll, it is never as effective as facing the roll to right hand. A real offensive danger capable of creating its shoot in any situation. He always is able to fight on rebounds, harden a little more his game back close to the rim.
This chic type of addition, could quite prove to be a good pick in a any first level team who wanted a high quality replace player or second level team as a first option.