Stefan Andelkovic -PF


#22 blue team vs Barreirense PROLIGA – Portugal  18/19

#22 Blue team vs Barreirense PROLIGA – Portugal 18/19

#22 blue team vs Braga PROLIGA – Portugal 18/19

#12 highlight 19/20 in France


Player Info


Height: 6’8

Weight: 220


Birthdate: Sep 1 1994

Hometown: Vlasotince (Serbia)

Last Team: Sorgues ( France)

Previous Professional Experience: YES

Available: YES

Nationality: Serbian


Scouting Report:

Formed at a junior college, and after his time at the university two years ( NCCA-D2), started his profesional career in Spain Leb silver with Planasa Navarra, then he arrived to Portugal to play in Proliga second division of the Portugal league. Stefan has been the top scorer in the Portuguese league and a reference in the team’s achieving the promotion to first league.

He is a 4 that combines the classic game of backs, with the out to throw of 3. First It is a strong inside player, but not very explosive and without much jumping ability. On attack, he knows how to use his body on the low post to win the position, play on his back and get scoring options, and knows how to assist for continuations but where he is most comfortable is on the perimeter. Lover of pick and pop, he loves to open up to score three, in stats he usually has made more shots than three than two. This does not mean that he renounces play in the paint, but he knows himself taking advantage of his wrist. Smart player, huge IQ who knows how to play, on defense he can defend 4 skillful or stronger and in addition his rebounding instinct is explained by his good placement.

He is commited, easy adaptation and gets good communication skills and the most important thing is a player in constant evolution.

Stats in Portugal:

21.1 points    1.1 asists     8.2 rebounds      20.0 evaluation

Official stats:!site.go?s=1&show=compstat&id=7599