Nigel Johnson – Pg

NIGEL JOHNSON – 1 Position

#23 black team 03/04/2020

#23 black team 03/24/2020

#23 black team 01/08/2020

#23 blue team 12/06/2017

Player Info


Height: 6’1

Weight: 182


Birthdate: Jan 20 1995

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

Last Team: KB PEJA

Previous Professional Experience: YES

Available: YES

Nationality: US


Scouting Report:

Former Virginia Cavaliers player, this instills a special character on the court and Nigel understood it from the beginning, adds to his direction and offensive criteria a great defensive attitude.
Nigel provides calm, control and balance to the team. He is a point-guard that in Europe can carry on the tempo of the macht very well. These qualities are essential to know how to control the rhythms and what needs the team and he does it.He is a team player, he does not abuse the shot although if he has to make decisions at the beginning or at the end of possession he makes them. So doesn’t hesitate the ball on the clutch time.
In addition also he has been inoculated with the activity and defensive mentality to win the games, so we are facing a player with full guarantees. He stands out of his dibbring to the right and left finished both shooting in a time, or  in a layup with both hands.
He could play as well run and gun, playing very well the early PNR, finished with assist in a jump pass to the roll or to  a hammer, or suspension shot at the central positions.