Kerry Smith-SG

KERRY SMITH, 1-2 Position

#11 white and red team highlights 2018/2019

#11 red team 02/19/2018

#11 red team 01/29/2019 view game from 2h

#11 red team 12/12/2017  view game from 2h

Player Info


Height: 6,0

Weight: 160


Age: 25 years

Hometown: Indianapolis (Indiana)

Last Team: IU Southeast ( NAIA )

Previous Professional Experience: NO

Available: YES

Nationality: US


Scouting Report:

6 «0 Small- guard
Strengths: Shooting
-possesses the ability to consistently make shots well beyond 3 points in length. During his last university career averaged 43% behind the arc.
-has physical stamina that allows him to move well off-screen and relocate to penetration kicks when defense is fatigued at the end of the game.
-It has a set of feet for rhythm in frotal jumper after pnr, wing jumper when recives the ball in transition set, fade, pop and spot up.
Strength: defensive energy
-It does a great job pressing the ball without dirtying
-Angle ball handlers well to assist D and turn dribblers in full court situations
-Active hands make him an «annoying» defender of blocking ELITE scores