Brandon Mccoy- Center


#42 white team g-league highlights

#44 grey team 04/10/2018

#44 red team 02/07/2018

#44 black team 03/09/2018

Player Info


Height: 7’0

Weight: 250

Position: CENTER

Birthdate: Jun 11, 1998

Hometown: San Diego ( California)

Last Team: Wisconsin Herd ( Gleague)

Previous Professional Experience: YES

Available: YES

Nationality: US


Scouting Report:

One of the interior players with the greatest potential that American basketball has given in last years. Regular in the calls of the USA national team, he was part in 2017 of the U19 american team.
His athleticism is outstanding and his greatest physical quality is the coordination and flexibility of his body despite being 7’0 tall. It is very elastic and despite its height it moves well in small spaces in the paint or struling a trap, thanks to its good footwork.
About his play in the low post it is worth his security in making the shots near the hoop on his left hand. Both from the right side towards the center and from the left side towards to the baseline it is their most important resource in attack.
In defense he does not make many fouls, he holds up the timing of the shots with the idea of ​​changing shots, perhaps to put a should he is missing some hunger when it comes to dominating the rebound.
In short, we are facing a still very young player who, who is still ready to play a high level even VTB, Greek o Turkish leagues and in the coming years, if he takes a step forward in safety and intensity can have a very stable future in NBA.